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Quick Quiz 15.5 – textbook page 571

1.What is the most reasonable conclusion about the role of genes in alcoholism? (a) Without a key gene, a person cannot become alcoholic; (b) the presence of a key gene will almost always cause a person to become alcoholic; (c) genes may increase a person’s vulnerability to some kinds of alcoholism.

2.Which cultural practice is associated with low rates of alcoholism? (a) a gradual introduction to drinking in family settings, (b) infrequent binge drinking, (c) drinking as a rite of passage into adulthood, (d) policies of prohibition

3.In a national survey, 52 percent of American college students said they drink to get drunk and 42 percent said they usually binge when drinking. To reduce this problem, many schools have instituted zero-tolerance programs. According to the research described in this section, are these programs likely to work? Why or why not?

Quick Quiz 15.6 – textbook page 573

1.A woman named Donna Walker was arrested for trying to convince an Indiana couple that she was their long-missing daughter. She claimed that her “bad girl” personality (Allison) was responsible for this deception and also for her long history of perpetrating hoaxes on police, friends, and the media. Her “good girl” personality (Donna), she said, was a victim of childhood sexual abuse who spent years working as an FBI informant. The FBI verified that Walker had worked for them, although some of her reports were fabricated. One agent said that Walker had as many as seven personalities who came and went. As a critical thinker, what questions would you want to ask about Walker and her multiple personality defense?

Quick Quiz 15.7 – textbook page 577

1.What are the five kinds of symptoms in schizophrenia?

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