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Quick Quiz 15.3 – textbook page 559

1.Biological researchers find that depressed people have unusually high levels of the stress hormone __________.

2.What are four main contributing factors in depression?

3.Depressed people tend to believe that the reasons for their unhappiness are (a) controllable, (b) temporary, (c) out of their hands, (d) caused by the situation.

4.A news headline announces that a gene has been identified as a cause of depression. Does this mean that everyone with the gene will become depressed? How should critical thinkers interpret this research?

Quick Quiz 15.4 – textbook page 564

Can you diagnose each of the following disorders?

1. Ann can barely get out of bed in the morning. She feels that life is hopeless and despairs of ever feeling good about herself.

2.Brad constantly feels a sense of impending doom; for days, he has been extremely worried about everything and cannot relax.

3.Connie is emotionally dependent on others and panics or becomes angry when she thinks her friends have left her, even for vacation. She cuts herself and frequently threatens to commit suicide if she doesn’t get what she wants.

4.Damon is the most charming of con artists; he can rob a widow of her life’s savings without a moment’s remorse.

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