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Integrative Essay Questions: Linking the Chapters

1. In Chapter Two, the challenges of test construction were explained, including issues pertinent to the concepts of validity and reliability. Define each of these concepts and then analyze projective and objective tests in view of the challenges of test construction.

2. Describe the function of the hippocampus (Chapter Four: The Brain: Source of Mind and Self). What implications are there if the neurons atrophy as a result of a significant trauma? Incorporate information on posttraumatic stress disorder in your essay.

3. Some phobias are common, whereas others are idiosyncratic. What are some of the common fears that may have evolved because the fear was adaptive for the human species? Incorporate your knowledge of Classical Conditioning in Real Life (Chapter Seven) with the development of common and of idiosyncratic phobias. How did Watson and Rayner demonstrate the acquisition of a phobia with “Little Albert”?

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