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Chapter 19: Fill in the Blank Questions

1.Payment posting is considered a(n) __________ function in a medical office or hospital.

2.Patients will provide their demographic information on the patient __________ form.

3.The report run at the end of the day that reflects all posting activity for that day is called the __________ .

4.Three documents used to enter data in the simulation as well as in a medical office are____________________ and __________

5.The process of making sure that the totals of the day's charges, payments, and adjustments match those shown on the Patient Day Sheet report is known as__________ .

6.To post charges to an account, the medical office specialist refers to the __________ to obtain ICD-9 and CPT codes for the services provided.

7.The specific location or block on a computer screen into which data must be entered is called a(n) __________ .

8.Patient __________ information includes name, address, date of birth, and marital and employment status.

9.The default provider identification number is the federal __________ number.

10.Both the patient and the__________ (the person responsible for paying the bills) must be added to the medical practice management software when entering a new account.

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