86. The text cites a comprehensive study of gender bias

Question :   86. The text cites a comprehensive study of gender bias : 2106802


86. The text cites a comprehensive study of gender bias in schools; the study suggests that girls' self-esteem is undermined in school through a number of experiences, including_____________________.

a. a relative surplus of attention from teachers

b. direct rejection by instructors

c. the stereotyping and invisibility of females in science and math texts

d. sexual harassment by male teachers

87. Gender socialization in sports generally results in______________________.

a. both boys and girls being socialized to participate in highly competitive, rule-oriented games with a large number of participants

b. children spending more than half of their nonschool time in play and games

c. girls expressing more favorable attitudes toward exercise than boys do

d. children’s play and games tending to be gender-neutral

88. According to a recent study of female athletes, in order to deal with the contradictory statuses of “woman” and “athlete,” women__________________________.

hide their participation in sports from others

a. hide their participation in sports from others

b. avoid sports that men play

c. maintain a feminine appearance and behavior while playing

d. engage in apologetic behavior after a game to soften their behavior

89. In contemporary societies, women’s child-care responsibilities have __________ on their participation in careers and professions.

a. a temporary impact

b. no impact

c. a great impact

d. a similar impact as for men

90. In regard to gender-segregated work in the United States, the text notes that_________________.

a. jobs like secretaries that were once segregated are much less so today

b. almost all women and half of all male workers would have to change jobs in order to eliminate gender-segregated work

c. the only place women have gained equity with men is at the top of U.S. corporations

d. unlike the family, the workplace tends not to be a gendered institution


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