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81.The ________ school of therapy’s primary goal is to help the client achieve insight into unconscious motives and feelings and a change in their symptoms.





82.The ________ school of therapy has as one of its primary goals the modification of irrational or unvalidated               beliefs.





83.The ________ school of therapy has, as one of its primary goals, self-acceptance and self-fulfillment for a client.





84.The primary goal of _______ is to find meaning in life and accept inevitable losses.

a.cognitive therapy

b.humanist therapy

c.existential therapy

d.behavior therapy

85.Which of the following is a common element shared by all successful therapies, regardless of the approach?

a.They all use some form of transference to identify underlying problems.

b.They are able to replace a client’s self-defeating, pessimistic life story with one that is more hopeful or


c.The therapists are scientific psychologists who rely on empirical research to determine the most

effective technique for each client.

d.The therapists remain neutral and detached so that the clients can project their own issues into the therapy                             session.

86.A recent survey (discussed in your textbook) found that the majority of the psychotherapists surveyed listed this therapist as the most influential on their practice.

a.Sigmund Freud

b.Abraham Maslow

c.B. F. Skinner

d.Carl Rogers

87.After seeing her therapist for a month, Kenya feels that they share a bond based on mutual understanding that is helping her work through her problems. This bond is referred to as:

a.unconditional positive regard.

b.the therapeutic alliance.

c.the scientist-practitioner gap.

d.the client-therapist relationship.

88.Which of the following is generally more important than the specific technique a therapist uses in determining the success of psychotherapy? long the therapy lasts

b.the insight that the therapy provides the client

c.the bond between the therapist and the client

d.whether the therapist and client are matched by gender

89.A cultural mismatch between client and therapist can sometimes be a problem because:

a. transference cannot take place if the client and therapist are from different cultures.

b. the use of a language translator violates client-patient confidentiality.

c. it may lead to misunderstandings based on cultural differences.

d. studies show that most psychological problems are culture-bound syndromes.

90. In many ways, the scientist-practitioner gap centers around which of the following questions?

a. Can the effectiveness of psychotherapy be studied scientifically?

b. Should therapists be allowed to use their patients in scientific experiments?

c. Should psychology researchers all be required to be trained as therapists?

d. Should therapists be required to use a control group when treating patients?

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