81. The assignment of chores to children by parents typically

Question :   81. The assignment of chores to children by parents typically : 2106801


81. The assignment of chores to children by parents typically results in______________________.

a. maintenance chores being assigned to girls

b. domestic chores being assigned to boys

c. chore assignments tending to be gender-neutral when made by mothers

d. girls being more often responsible for caring for younger brothers and sisters

82. In discussing peers and gender socialization, the text points out that_____________________.

a. male peer groups place more pressure on boys to do "masculine" things than female peer groups place on girls to do "feminine" things

b. female peer groups place more pressure on girls to do "feminine" things than male peer groups place on boys to do "masculine" things

c. today peer groups of both sexes tend not to promote gender roles

d. peer groups actually have little influence on adolescent development

83. According to the text's discussion of peers and gender socialization,_____________________.

a. during adolescence, peers are usually less effective agents of gender socialization than are adults

b. male bonding does not occur until after adolescence is completed

c. peer acceptance does not appear to be as important to males and females today as it has been in the past

d. peer groups on college campuses are organized largely around gender

84. In their investigation of the role of peer groups for college women, anthropologists Holland and Eisenhart found that _________________________.

a. the peer system propelled women into a world of romance in which their attractiveness to men counted most

b. the women's peers influenced everything from their choices of majors and careers to their final courses of action in making plans for the future

c. there was little peer influence of any kind

d. peer influence had no role in choice of major or adherence to goals

85. __________ consists of showing favoritism toward one gender over the other.

a. Gender preferences

b. Sexual harassment

c. Gender bias

d. Sexual discrimination


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