76. In __________, the division of labor in paid employment

Question :   76. In __________, the division of labor in paid employment : 2106800


76. In __________, the division of labor in paid employment is increasingly based on whether people provide or apply information or are employed in service jobs such as fast food restaurant counter help or health care work.

a. industrial societies

b. postindustrial societies

c. agricultural societies

d. preindustrial societies

77. For a variety of reasons, more postindustrial society households are headed by women with no adult male present. In 2010, about __________ of African American children lived with their mother only.

a. 10 percent

b. 23 percent

c. 50 percent

d. 67 percent

78. In postindustrial societies such as the United States, approximately __________ of adult women are in the labor force. The demands of work, child care, and helping aging parents continue to place a heavy burden on women, despite living in an information- and service-oriented economy.

a. 25 percent

b. 33 percent

c. 50 percent

d. 60 percent

79. Gender-appropriate behavior is __________.

a. acquired at birth

b. fixed and inalterable by age 5

c. learned through the socialization process

d. difficult for some people to learn

80. Parents are involved in gender socialization through______________________.

a. the purchase of children’s toys that reflect the parents’ gender expectation

b. responding more quickly to the cries of male babies

c. interacting with boy and girl children in the same ways

d. giving more gentle treatment to boy babies


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