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71.In client-centered therapy, the therapist’s role is to:

a.listen to the client’s needs in an accepting, nonjudgmental way and offer unconditional positive regard. clients keep records of when their unwanted habits occur and what positive consequences keep

these habits continuing.

c.use rational arguments to directly challenge a client’s unrealistic beliefs or expectations.

d.listen attentively as clients cope with the inescapable realities of life and death, and struggle to live a

meaningful life.

72.Which of the following therapies focuses on a person’s free will to change and to self-actualize, rather than               focusing on past conflicts?




73.________ emphasized the importance of the therapist’s warmth and empathy, an idea now endorsed by               many therapists.

a.Sigmund Freud

b.Carl Rogers

c.Albert Ellis

d.Aaron Beck

74.Patrick is a bright student, but he procrastinates. He puts off writing term papers and gets incomplete grades, which eventually become F’s. Patrick’s ________ therapist helps him realize that he has the power to choose his own destiny and must assume responsibility for his life predicaments. The therapist helps him think about his procrastination and his life goals.





75.Dr. Rodriguez believes that his clients have the free will determine their own destinies, and that his job as a therapist is to help them learn to cope with the inescapable realities of life and death. Dr. Rodriguez would be best described as a _____________ therapist.





76.Sam has been feeling depressed because he feels like his life is meaningless. He wants to find a therapist who will help him explore the meaning of life and help him cope with the inescapable realities of life. Sam should do a search for someone who practices _______________ therapy.





77.Which of the following therapists is associated with family therapy?

a.Salvador Minuchin

b.Albert Ellis

c.Irvin Yalom

d.Aaron Beck

78._________ maintains that a client’s problems develop in the context of family, are sustained by family               interactions, and that any change made by the client will affect all the family members.

a.Salvador Minuchin

b.Carl Rogers

c.Albert Ellis

d.Sigmund Freud

79.A family therapist would be most likely to agree that: members need to be taught to provide one another with unconditional positive regard.

b.efforts to isolate and treat one member of a family, without the other family members, are doomed.

c.behavioral records and skills training are necessary tools to heal the wounded member of a family.

d.problems in a family can usually be traced to a single, troubled individual.

80. Which view is consistent with the family-systems perspective?

a.A person’s behavior in a family is tied to the behavior of all the other family members.

b. Therapy cannot be attempted unless it is possible to treat everyone in the family.

c. Dysfunctional families are usually caused by a single family member.

d.Families will always support a family member who makes a change to improve themselves.

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