71. Water being sprayed from a nozzle at the end

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71. Water is being sprayed from a nozzle at the end of a garden hose of diameter 2.0 cm. If the nozzle has an opening of diameter 0.50 cm, and if the water leaves the nozzle at a speed of 10 m/s, what is the speed of the water inside the hose?

A. 0.63 m/s

B. 0.80 m/s

C. 2.5 m/s

D. also 10 m/s

72. A unit for viscosity, the centipoise, is equal to which of the following?

A. 10-3 N?s/m2

B. 10-2 N?s/m2

C. 10-1 N?s/m2

D. 102 N?s/m2

73. The condition for onset of turbulent flow is that the Reynolds Number reaches what value?

A. 1 000

B. 2 000

C. 3 000

D. 4 000

74. A fluid has a density of 1 040 kg/m3. If it rises to a height of 1.8 cm in a 1.0-mm diameter capillary tube, what is the surface tension of the liquid? Assume a contact angle of zero.

A. 0.046 N/m

B. 0.056 N/m

C. 0.092 N/m

D. 0.11 N/m

75. A pipe carrying water has a radius of 1.0 cm. If the flow velocity is 9.0 cm/s, which of the following characterizes the flow? Take the viscosity of water to be 1.0 ´ 10-3 N?s/m.

A. streamlined

B. unstable

C. turbulent

D. stagnant


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