71. __________ refers to the domestication of large animals as

Question :   71. __________ refers to the domestication of large animals as : 2106799


71. __________ refers to the domestication of large animals as the primary means of subsistence.

a. Agrarianism

b. Horticulture

c. Pastoralism

d. Industrialization

72. One of the characteristics of agrarian societies that contributes to gender inequality is_________________________.

a. public ownership of property

b. female control over distribution of food surplus and the kinship system

c. women’s production of domestic goods

d. the need for legitimate heirs for private property

73. A(n) __________ is one in which factory or mechanized production has replaced agriculture as the major form of economic activity.

a. commerce society

b. industrial society

c. pastoral society

d. agrarian society

74. __________ in the United States created a gap between the nonpaid work performed by women at home and the paid work that was increasingly performed by men and unmarried girls.

a. Industrialization

b. Agriculturalism

c. Postmodernism

d. Horticulturalism

75. __________ are societies in which technology supports a service-based and information-based economy.

a. Preindustrial societies

b. Agricultural societies

c. Postindustrial societies

d. Industrial societies


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