66) Thinking of men as either "dads" or "cads" an

Question :   66) Thinking of men as either "dads" or "cads" an : 2123229


66) Thinking of men as either "dads" or "cads" is an example of

A) gender differences.

B) social learning theory.

C) sex differences.

D) social categories.

67) Roberta Bondar, the first Canadian woman in space, illustrates the relatively recent gender stereotype of women as

A) achievement oriented.

B) politically-oriented.

C) power figures.

D) assertive and career-minded.

68) Which of the following is NOT a component of gender stereotypes?

A) Behavioural

B) Affective

C) Cognitive

D) Perceptual

69) Gender-based discrimination is an example of the ________ component of gender stereotypes.

A) affective

B) cognitive

C) behavioural

D) perceptual

70) Research on gender stereotypes

A) consistently finds that men are seen as less instrumental.

B) consistently finds that men and women are seen as equally instrumental.

C) consistently finds that men are seen as more instrumental.

D) finds that they differ too much across cultures to make generalizations.


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