66. The __________ the level of technology and the organization

Question :   66. The __________ the level of technology and the organization : 2106798


66. The __________ is the level of technology and the organization of the economy in a given society.

a. subsistence

b. division of labor

c. technoeconomic base

d. adaptive strategy

67. In which of these types of societies do women have relative equality with men?

a. hunting and gathering

b. horticultural

c. agrarian

d. industrial

68. The earliest known type of division of labor between women and men is found in __________ societies.

a. pastoral

b. horticultural

c. agrarian

d. hunting and gathering

69. In most hunting and gathering societies,___________________________.

a. men dominate because they have the ability to provide all of the food necessary for survival

b. women are subordinate economic partners with men

c. relationships between women and men tend to be cooperative and relatively egalitarian

d. women control the food surplus in these societies

70. In __________ societies, a steady source of food becomes available. People grow their own food using simple hand tools, such as the digging stick and the hoe.

a. horticultural

b. agrarian

c. industrial

d. pastoral


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