66. __________ theorists emphasize the importance of the family in

Question :   66. __________ theorists emphasize the importance of the family in : 2106826


66. __________ theorists emphasize the importance of the family in maintaining the stability of society and the well-being of individuals.

a. Symbolic interactionist

b. Conflict

c. Functionalist

d. Postmodern

67. Emile Durkheim saw the family as a microcosm of society. He argued that, much like in society generally,____________________________.

a. marriage life is a shared reality created through the interaction of marital partners

b. females are socialized to be passive and males are socialized to be aggressive

c. a division of labor contributes to greater efficiency in marriages and families

d. men's domination over women existed long before private ownership of property and capitalism

68. In a stereotypically conventional marriage, the husband/father meets the family’s economic needs, makes important decisions, and provides leadership. Talcott Parsons termed this the __________.

a. egalitarian role

b. expressive role

c. authoritarian role

d. instrumental role

69. In a stereotypically conventional family, the wife/mother runs the household, cares for children, and meets the emotional needs of family members. Talcott Parsons termed this the __________.

a. authoritarian role

b. expressive role

c. instrumental role

d. egalitarian role

70. Families are expected to regulate the sexual activity of their members and thus ensure that reproduction takes place within specific boundaries. Incest taboos are an example of this type of regulation that takes place at the __________.

a. mesolevel

b. microlevel

c. macrolevel

d. metalevel


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