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61.The therapeutic approach developed by Albert Ellis, known as ________, is a form of cognitive therapy.


b.rational-emotive behavior therapy


d.unconditional positive analysis

62.Which of the following therapists developed rational emotive behavior therapy?

a.B. F. Skinner

b.Aaron Beck

c.Albert Ellis

d.Irvin Yalom

63.________ would be most likely to challenge the client’s thoughts directly, showing him why certain thoughts               are irrational and misguided.

a.B. F. Skinner

b.Albert Ellis

c.Carl Rogers

d.Sigmund Freud

64.Some cognitive-behavioral therapists have begun to question the goal of changing a client’s self-defeating thoughts. They argue that it is difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of unwanted thoughts and feelings, especially when people have been rehearsing them for years. This idea was inspired, at least in part, by:

a.the writings of Sigmund Freud.

b.the modernist philosophers.

c.the post-modernist philosophers.

d.Eastern philosophies.

65.Dr. Feldman is a cognitive-behavioral therapist whose approach to helping clients has been greatly influenced by Buddhism. It is likely that his therapeutic approach is based on the concepts of:

a.metamorphosis and rebirth.

b.mindfulness and acceptance.

c.immortality and reincarnation.

d.hope and change.

66.Client-centered therapy was developed by:

a.John Watson.

b.Carl Rogers.

c.Sigmund Freud.

d.Aaron Beck.

67.Who of the following was a humanist therapist?

a.Carl Rogers

b.Aaron Beck

c.Albert Ellis

d.Sigmund Freud

68.Isaac is a bright student but he procrastinates. He puts off writing term papers and gets incomplete grades which eventually become F’s. Issac’s ________ therapist assumes that Issac’s procrastination masks his low self-regard, and that he is out of touch with his real feelings.





69.In general, humanist therapists believe that ________ is useful in treating psychological disorders.


b.dream analysis


d.unconditional positive regard

70._________ involves providing a nonjudgmental setting in which to discuss issues, while providing the client with unconditional positive regard.

a.Existential therapy

b.Client-centered therapy

c.Rational-emotive behavior therapy

d.Modern psychodynamic therapy

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