61. A fountain sends water to a height of 100

Question :   61. A fountain sends water to a height of 100 : 2102179


61. A fountain sends water to a height of 100 m. What must be the pressurization (above atmospheric) of the underground water system? (1 atm = 105 N/m2)

A. 1 atm

B. 4.2 atm

C. 7.2 atm

D. 9.8 atm

62. The Garfield Thomas water tunnel at Pennsylvania State University has a circular cross-section that constricts from a diameter of 3.6 m to the test section, which is 1.2 m in diameter. If the speed of flow is 3.0 m/s in the large-diameter pipe, determine the speed of flow in the test section.

A. 9.0 m/s

B. 18 m/s

C. 27 m/s

D. 1.0 m/s

63. A Boeing-737 airliner has a mass of 20 000 kg. The total area of the wings is 100 m2. What must be the pressure difference between the top and bottom of the wings to keep the airplane up?

A. 1 960 Pa

B. 3 920 Pa

C. 7 840 Pa

D. 15 700 Pa

64. How much air must be pushed downward at 40.0 m/s to keep an 800-kg helicopter aloft?

A. 98.0 kg/s

B. 196 kg/s

C. 294 kg/s

D. 392 kg/s

65. A jet of water flowing from a hose at 15 m/s is directed against a wall. If the mass flow in the fluid stream is 2.0 kg/s, what force is the water applying to the wall if backsplash is negligible?

A. 30 N

B. 40 N

C. 65 N

D. 127 N


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