61. A cylinder (I = MR2/2) rolling along the ground

Question :   61. A cylinder (I = MR2/2) rolling along the ground : 2102162


61. A cylinder (I = MR2/2) is rolling along the ground at 7.0 m/s. It comes to a hill and starts going up. Assuming no losses to friction, how high does it get before it stops?

A. 1.2 m

B. 3.7 m

C. 4.2 m

D. 5.9 m

62. A meter stick is hinged at its lower end and allowed to fall from a vertical position. If its moment of inertia is ML2/3, with what angular speed does it hit the table?

A. 5.42 rad/s

B. 2.71 rad/s

C. 1.22 rad/s

D. 7.67 rad/s

63. A bus is designed to draw its power from a rotating flywheel that is brought up to its maximum speed (3 000 rpm) by an electric motor. The flywheel is a solid cylinder of mass 500 kg and radius 0.500 m (Icylinder = MR2/2). If the bus requires an average power of 10.0 kW, how long will the flywheel rotate?

A. 154 s

B. 308 s

C. 463 s

D. 617 s

64. An object of radius R and moment of inertia I rolls down an incline of height H after starting from rest. Its total kinetic energy at the bottom of the incline:

A. is gR/I.

B. is I/gH.

C. is 0.5 Ig/H.

D. cannot be found from the given information alone.

65. A uniform solid sphere rolls down an incline of height 3 m after starting from rest. In order to calculate its speed at the bottom of the incline, one needs to know:

A. the mass of the sphere.

B. the radius of the sphere.

C. the mass and the radius of the sphere.

D. no more than is given in the problem.


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