6. Which of the following statements inaccurate? a. impact assessments evaluate

Question :   6. Which of the following statements inaccurate? a. impact assessments evaluate : 2132717


6. Which of the following statements is inaccurate?

a. impact assessments evaluate whether or not specified goals are attained

b. process evaluations focus on whether programs are carried out according to plans

c. problem analysis usually considers a limited range of alternative choices

d. ideally impact assessments and process evaluations are conducted separately

7. Which of the following does not represent potential problems in doing evaluation research?

a. conflicting goals

b. vague goals

c. when the intended actions and goals are linked through empirical evidence.

d. difficulty in expressing policy goals in the “if-then” form that can be empirically tested

8. Which of the following is not something of concern in the evaluability assessment?

a. determine the degree of support for your project

b. determine what the general program goals are as well as the specific objectives

c. determine how the goals are translated into the program components

d. do people in the organization have some sort of direct or indirect stake in the program

9. One of the most important parts of conducting evaluation research is _____.

a. selecting a sample that will support the program goals

b. formulating goal statements that are empirically testable

c. gather official documents since that is where the researcher can find complete descriptions of goals

d. make sure that the staff of the agency where you conduct research like you by doing anything to get them on your side

10. All of the following would be examples of goal statements that must be clarified before empirical testing can follow except for _____.

a. participants will accept the philosophy of a drug-free life

b. participants will be equipped with the life skills necessary to succeed

c. participants will be able to obtain their GED upon completion of the program

d. provides participants with problem-solving skills


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