6. The dominant policy-making style in the United States ______. A.

Question :   6. The dominant policy-making style in the United States ______. A. : 2110543


6. The dominant policy-making style in the United States is ______.

A. rational analysis

B. incremental

C. rational choice

D. pluralism

7. This group of American citizens is the least likely to vote.

A. wealthy individuals

B. college students

C. senior citizens

D. highly educated individuals

8. The public can get involved in the policy-making process by ______.

A. joining an interest group

B. contacting their elected officials

C. staying informed

D. All of these

9. To get their news, many people rely on entertaining news outlets or one-sided broadcasts that reflect their own views. To get the best understanding of the real issues or proposals being made by government, one should ______.

A. read the news on the home page of your Internet browser

B. rely on the opinions of your friends

C. find an interesting, reliable, objective source you like, and will check regularly

D. recognize and accept the fact that just one individual cannot have an impact on public policy

10. According to Chapter 13, the conflict and polarization that typify American government today often leads to ______.

A. incremental decision making

B. revolutionary change

C. new presidential administrations

D. elite policymaking


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