6. The Congress has the authority to abolish every federal

Question :   6. The Congress has the authority to abolish every federal : 2132667


6. The Congress has the authority to abolish every federal court in the land, except for the U.S. Supreme Court, because

A. the Congress is the supreme government institution because it represents the people.

B. the Congress controls the federal budget, including the budget for the courts.

C. the Constitution specifically calls for only one court, the Supreme Court.

D. federal judges are appointed by the Congress.

7. What is the Supreme Court doing when it issues a writ of certiorari?

A. It is ordering a lower court to rehear a case.

B. It is overturning a previous Supreme Court ruling.

C. It is agreeing to hear the appeal of a lower court ruling.

D. It is rejecting an appeal to rehear a case, noting that it is certain its first ruling was correct.

8. A per curiam opinion is

A. an unsigned opinion from an appellate court.

B. an opinion issued by an attorney general.

C. an opinion by a judge or justice who disagrees with the majority opinion.

D. a written legal argument prepared by an attorney.

9. When it comes to granting a petition for a writ of certiorari, the U.S. Supreme Court applies the

A. Rule of Three.

B. Rule of Four.

C. Rule of Five.

D. Rule of Six.

10. Which statement about U.S. Courts of Appeals is correct?

A. Each state has its own U.S. Court of Appeals.

B. There are four U.S. Courts of Appeals—one for the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern United States.

C. There are 13 U.S. Courts of Appeals.

D. There are nine U.S. Courts of Appeals, one for each justice on the Supreme Court.




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