6. The bulk modulus of a material, as a meaningful

Question :   6. The bulk modulus of a material, as a meaningful : 2102184


6. The bulk modulus of a material, as a meaningful physical property, is applicable to which of the following?

A. only solids

B. only liquids

C. only gases

D. solids, liquids and gases

7. A uniform pressure of 7.0 ´ 105 N/m2 is applied to all six sides of a copper cube. What is the percentage change in volume of the cube? (for copper, B = 14 ´ 1010 N/m2)

A. 2.4 ´ 10-2 %

B. 0.4 ´ 10-2 %

C. 8.4 ´ 10-2 %

D. 0.5 ´ 10-3 %

8. Bar One has a Young's modulus that is bigger than that of Bar Two. This indicates Bar One:

A. is longer than Bar Two.

B. has a greater cross-sectional area than Bar Two.

C. has a greater elastic limit than Bar Two.

D. is made of material that is different from Bar Two.

9. Consider two steel rods, A and B. B has three times the area and twice the length of A, so Young's modulus for B will be what factor times Young's modulus for A?

A. 3.0

B. 0.5

C. 1.5

D. 1.0

10. A tire stops a car by use of friction. What modulus should we use to calculate the stress and strain on the tire?

A. Young's modulus

B. compression modulus

C. shear modulus

D. bulk modulus


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