56. The term __________ refers to all the ideas regarding

Question :   56. The term __________ refers to all the ideas regarding : 2106796


56. The term __________ refers to all the ideas regarding masculine and feminine attributes that are held to be valid in a society.

a. sexual norms

b. gender belief system

c. gender identity

d. body consciousness

57. The social significance of gender stereotypes is illustrated by eating disorders such as __________, which refers to a person binge-eating followed by purging the food by induced vomiting, excessive exercise, laxatives, or fasting.

a. anorexia

b. obesity

c. bulimia

d. gestation

58. __________ is the term for the subordination of one sex, usually female, based on the assumed superiority of the other sex.

a. Sexism

b. Homophobia

c. Patriliny

d. Sexual orientation

59. Pushing women into nontraditional occupations and sports activities is an aspect of_______________________.

a. sexism

b. homophobia

c. patriliny

d. sexual orientation

60. When sexual harassment is reported to supervisors,_____________________.

a. immediate legal action usually follows

b. the problem is often ignored

c. the status of women in the workplace rises

d. the federal government must get involved


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