56. A(n) __________ family a family structure in which authority

Question :   56. A(n) __________ family a family structure in which authority : 2106824


56. A(n) __________ family is a family structure in which authority is held by the eldest female (usually the mother).

a. patriarchal

b. matriarchal

c. egalitarian

d. homogamous

57. Although there has been a great deal of discussion about __________, scholars have found no historical evidence to indicate that true types of this familial power and authority ever existed.

a. patriarchal families

b. egalitarian families

c. matriarchal families

d. homogamous families

58. The most prevalent pattern of power and authority in families is __________. Across cultures, men are the primary decision makers regarding domestic, economic, and social concerns facing the family.

a. oligarchy

b. matriarchy

c. egalitarianism

d. patriarchy

59. Residential patterns are interrelated with the authority structure and method of tracing descent in families. __________ residence refers to the custom of a married couple living in the same household (or community) as the husband's family.

a. Matrilocal

b. Patrilocal

c. Multilocal

d. Neolocall

60. Across cultures, __________ is the most common residential pattern.

a. matrilocal residence

b. multilocal residence

c. neolocal residence

d. patrilocal residence


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