51. In __________ systems, inheritance of property and position usually

Question :   51. In __________ systems, inheritance of property and position usually : 2106823


51. In __________ systems, inheritance of property and position is usually traced from the maternal uncle (mother's brother) to his nephew (mother's son). In some cases, mothers may pass on their property to daughters.

a. matricentric

b. matrilocal

c. matrilineal

d. matriarchal

52. Kinship in industrial societies is usually traced through both parents (bilineally). The most common form is __________, which is a system of tracing descent through both the mother’s and father’s sides of the family.

a. lateral descent

b. bilateral descent

c. matrilocal descent

d. neolocal descent

53. __________ descent is used in the United States for the purpose of determining kinship and inheritance rights; however, children typically take the father’s last name.

a. Bilateral

b. Duo-lateral

c. Matrilineal

d. Neolateral

54. A(n) __________ family is a family structure in which authority is held by the eldest male (usually the father).

a. patriarchal

b. matriarchal

c. egalitarian

d. homogamous

55. In a(n) __________, the male authority figure acts as head of the household and holds power and authority over the women and children, as well as over other males.

a. matriarchal family

b. homogamous family

c. patriarchal family

d. egalitarian family


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