51. __________ refers to the attitudes, behavior, and activities that

Question :   51. __________ refers to the attitudes, behavior, and activities that : 2106795


51. __________ refers to the attitudes, behavior, and activities that are socially defined as appropriate for each sex and are learned through the socialization process.

a. Sexual role

b. Gender identity

c. Gender role

d. Sexual identity

52. In the United States, males are traditionally expected to demonstrate aggressiveness and toughness, whereas females have been expected to be passive and nurturing. This illustrates the concept of __________.

a. sexual identity

b. gender role

c. sexual role

d. gender identity

53. __________ is a person's perception of the self as female or male. Typically established between eighteen months and three years of age, it is a powerful aspect of our self-concept.

a. Gender identity

b. Sexual identity

c. Gender role

d. Body consciousness

54. __________ is how a person perceives and feels about his or her body; it also includes an awareness of social conditions in society that contribute to this self-knowledge.

a. Sexual identity

b. Gender identity

c. Body consciousness

d. Gender role

55. The text points out that a macrolevel analysis of gender examines structural features, external to the individual, that perpetuate gender inequality. These structures have been referred to as __________, meaning that gender is one of the major ways by which social life is organized in all sectors of society.

a. gendered institutions

b. gendered structures

c. gendered correlates

d. gendered determinants


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