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41.________ is the process in which the client transfers unconscious emotions or reactions, such as emotional               feelings about his or her parents, onto the therapist.





42.Psychologists who practice behavioral therapy focus on the client’s:

a.unconscious anxieties.

b.relationships with parents.

c.methods of coping with inescapable realities of life.

d.current behavior and attitudes.

43.A form of therapy that applies principles of classical and operant conditioning to help people change self-defeating or problematic behaviors is called __________ therapy.





44.What is the goal of the technique known as graduated exposure? uncover unconscious conflicts pertaining to a feared object understand the family dynamic that contributed to the development of a fear reverse the tendency to avoid fearful situations, objects, or upsetting memories identify irrational ways of thinking that contribute to perpetuating the fear

45.Which method of treating a client with a phobia of spiders would be the most intense, if not terrifying, for the client?


b.graduated exposure

c.systematic desensitization


46. A technique that assumes it is impossible to be relaxed and anxious at the same time is:

a. systematic desensitization.

b. skills training.

c. transference.

d. flooding.

47.Systematic desensitization is based on:


b.operant conditioning.

c.stimulus generalization.

d.spontaneous recovery.

48.Systematic desensitization for the treatment of phobias is a type of:

a.psychodynamic therapy.

b.behavior therapy.

c.cognitive therapy.

d.humanist therapy.

49.Joshua is transferred to an office located on the tenth floor of a building. The problem is that he fears heights so much that he never goes above the third floor in any building. His therapist teaches him to relax deeply while imagining himself looking out over a balcony. As therapy progresses, Joshua imagines himself on higher and higher floors. This technique is called:

a.systematic desensitization.

b.rational-emotive behavioral therapy.



50.Bill has always had a terrible fear of dogs, and it causes problems in his life. He tells you that his therapist is having him look at pictures of dogs while trying to remain relaxed. His next step will be to begin interacting with actual dogs and learning to remain relaxed. You might want to reassure him that __________ is often quite successful.

a. skills training

b. flooding therapy

c. cognitive therapy

d. systematic desensitization

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