41. In a relational DBMS, a user may create a

Question :   41. In a relational DBMS, a user may create a : 2125669


41. In a relational DBMS, a user may create a database structure that contains which of the following?

a. data, fields, and table relationships

b. numbers, tables, and fields

c. symbols, numbers, and tables

d. fields, tables, and table relationships

42. Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2016 database files?

a. .mdb

b. .acdbs

c. .accdb

d. .dbacc

43. Files created with Access 2016 may be used with which previous version of Access?

a. Access 2010b. Access 2000

c. Access 2005d. Access 2003

44. When working with Access in ____ Mode, the user may tap the buttons on the Ribbon and also tap to use other features of Access 2016.

a. Write

b. Touch

c. Tap

d. Tablet

45. When using a mouse while in an Access 2016 work session, access a shortcut menu for an object by performing this task.

a. scroll the vertical scroll bar

b. scroll the horizontal scroll bar

c. cllick on the Navigation Pane

d. right click


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