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  36) In a cash balance plan the employer credits the

Question :   36) In a cash balance plan the employer credits the : 2057360


36) In a cash balance plan the employer credits the employee's retirement account with a pay credit and an interest credit. For this reason a cash balance plan is a type of:

A) defined benefit plan.

B) defined contribution plan.

C) 401(k) plan.

D) self funded plan and 401(k) plan.

E) both a defined benefit plan that operates like a defined contribution plan.

37) When an employee is permitted to chose only the benefits that they really want to participate in from a full list of benefit plans it is known as a/an:

A) employee assistance program.

B) employee wellness program.

C) traditional health care plan.

D) flexible benefit plan.

E) preferred provider organization.

38) Which of the following might be a potential pitfall of offering a cafeteria plan?

A) Poor communication and education regarding the benefit offerings can lead to a decrease in employee satisfaction.

B) Employees may choose more items than necessary if they don't fully understand the benefit offerings.

C) An increase in employee turnover may occur if the program is not handled correctly.

D) The employer can incur high administrative costs.

E) All of the above

39) Under OSHA, employers are responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:

A) implementing all of OSHA's ergonomic rules.

B) notifying employees about OSHA standards.

C) provide a work place which is safe and free of hazards.

D) allow OSHA to inspect as needed or required.

E) report any event that results in 3 or more employees being hospitalized.

40) Two employees were working on a high scaffolding when the break released and caused both employees to fall 15 feet onto a concrete floor. Both employees were taken to the emergency room and the other was hospitalized due to needing surgery on his leg. The employer is required to:

A) contact OSHA to report the incident.

B) document the injuries on the OSHA Form 300.

C) document the details of what happened on OSHA Form 301.

D) Both A and B

E) Both B and C


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