36. A chromosomally normal (XY) male was born with a

Question :   36. A chromosomally normal (XY) male was born with a : 2106819


36. A chromosomally normal (XY) male was born with a penis just one centimeter long and a small opening similar to that of a female vagina. This individual would be referred to as __________.

a. transsexual

b. bisexual

c. intersexed

d. transvestite

37. Some people may be genetically of one sex but have a gender identity of the other. These people are termed __________, in which the sex-related structure of the brain that defines gender identity is opposite from the physical sex organs of the person’s body.

a. hermaphrodite

b. transgendered

c. transvestite

d. homosexual

38. The term __________ refers to individuals whose appearance, behavior, or self-identification does not conform to their assigned sex and identification by others as male or female.

a. multigender

b. transvestite

c. transsexual

d. transgender

39. Hijra, xanith, and berdache are all examples of a __________.

a. “third sex”

b. transvestite

c. homosexual

d. intersexed person

40. The text uses the term __________ for men or women who do not alter their genitalia but who live as members of the opposite sex.

a. cross-dresser

b. transsexual

c. transgender

d. homosexual


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