31. In 2007, the Supreme Court took which of the

Question :   31. In 2007, the Supreme Court took which of the


31. In 2007, the Supreme Court took which of the following decisions on race and education?

A. It emphasized the need to expand efforts to ensure racial integration in public schools.

B. It opposed race-based public school initiatives, even if the goal of those initiatives is to enhance diversity.

C. It approved efforts to expand racial diversity in universities only if the methods employed were systematic and quantifiable.

D. It rejected all measures to encourage racial diversity at universities.

E. It avoided addressing cases related to racial initiatives in either universities or public schools.

32. Which minority group is MOST responsible for pioneering the civil rights tactics other groups have adopted since the 1960s?

A. Asian Americans

B. gay and lesbian Americans

C. African Americans

D. Hispanic Americans

E. Native Americans

33. Which of the following statements about Native Americans' struggle for civil rights is LEAST accurate?

A. Historically, Native Americans have been victims of legislation that deprived them of their land and their culture.

B. Native Americans were not granted citizenship en masse until 1924.

C. Since the founding of the American republic, Native Americans have formed formal political and social movements to protest their mistreatment.

D. During the 1960s and 1970s, Indian activists engaged in militant actions such as seizing control of Alcatraz and holding hostages at Wounded Knee.

E. Native Americans continue to suffer disproportionately from ill health and poverty.

34. Currently, the largest ethnic minority group in the United States is

A. Asian Americans.

B. White Americans.

C. African Americans.

D. Hispanic Americans.

E. Native Americans.

35. The civil rights leader César Chávez is best known for his efforts on behalf of

A. auto workers.

B. disenfranchised southern African Americans.

C. disabled Americans.

D. gays and lesbians.

E. migrant farm workers.


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