31. At birth, male and female infants distinguished by __________,

Question :   31. At birth, male and female infants distinguished by __________, : 2106818


31. At birth, male and female infants are distinguished by __________, the genitalia used in the reproductive process.

a. tertiary sex characteristics

b. primary sex characteristics

c. cultural tendencies

d. secondary sex characteristics

32. At puberty, an increased production of hormones results in the development of __________, the physical traits (other than reproductive organs) that identify an individual's sex.

a. primary sex characteristics

b. hormonal correlates

c. secondary sex characteristics

d. tertiary sex characteristics

33. An example of a primary sex characteristic in women is__________________.

a. enlarged breasts

b. wider hips

c. menstruation

d. the vagina

34. An example of a primary sex characteristics in men is____________________.

a. the penis

b. a more muscular build

c. a deeper voice

d. more body and facial hair

35. Sex is not always clear-cut. Occasionally, a hormone imbalance before birth produces a person who is __________, in whom sexual differentiation is ambiguous or incomplete.

a. transsexual

b. intersexed

c. transvestite

d. homosexual


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