26. When dealing with stakeholders a researcher should be aware

Question :   26. When dealing with stakeholders a researcher should be aware : 2132721


26. When dealing with stakeholders a researcher should be aware of all of the following except _____.

a. be able to identify all the stakeholders

b. get particularly friendly with the stakeholders so they will not interfere with your research

c. find out the stakeholders’ perspectives on the program

d. find out the stakeholders’ perspectives on the evaluation

27. Program evaluation differs from policy analysis with respect to _____.

a. the time dimension within the policy process

b. the cost

c. the time

d. the role of the stakeholder

28. Scientific realism is rooted in the principle that:

a. similar interventions can naturally be expected to have different outcomes in different contexts

b. the success of evaluations depends on the assignment of subjects to experimental and control groups

c. there be equivalence between experimental and control groups before an intervention

d. treatment integrity must be rigorously guarded

29. Dr. Smith is interested in implementing a program that is designed to reduce the recidivism rates of property offenders. He selects two state prisons and, with the blessing of the Department of Corrections, begins the programs in the main state prison for males and a female institution that is nearby. Which design would be best for Dr. Smith to use?

a. non-equivalent groups

b. randomized study

c. interrupted times-series

d. none of these would work

30. Problem solving is a fundamental tool in problem-oriented policing and involves which one of the following analytic steps?

a. Carefully defined specific problems.

b. Conduct in-depth analysis to understand their causes.

c. Undertake broad searcher for solutions to remove these causes and bring about lasting reductions in problems.

d. All of the above



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