26. An object of mass the surface of the

Question :   26. An object of mass the surface of the : 2102103


26. An object of mass is on the surface of the Earth. The distance to the Sun and the Moon are and , and the masses of the Sun and Moon are and . What is the ratio of the gravitational force from the Sun to that of the Moon on the object?





27. Two blocks, joined by a string, have masses of 6.0 and 9.0 kg. They rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. A 2nd string, attached only to the 9-kg block, has horizontal force = 30 N applied to it. Both blocks accelerate. Find the tension in the string between the blocks.

A. 18 N

B. 28 N

C. 12 N

D. 15 N

28. Three forces, 5.0 N, 15.0 N, and 20.0 N, are acting on a 9.81-kg object. Which of the following forces could also be acting on the object if it is moving with constant velocity?

A. 1.0 N

B. 19.0 N

C. 39.0 N

D. any of the above

29. An airplane of mass 1.2 ´ 104 kg tows a glider of mass 0.6 ´ 104 kg. The airplane propellers provide a net forward thrust of 3.6 ´ 104 N. What is the glider's acceleration?

A. 2.0 m/s2

B. 3.0 m/s2

C. 6.0 m/s2

D. 9.8 m/s2

30. Two blocks of masses 20 kg and 8 kg are connected together by a light string and rest on a frictionless level surface. Attached to the 8-kg mass is another light string, which a person uses to pull both blocks horizontally. If the two-block system accelerates at 0.5 m/s2 what is the tension in the connecting string between the blocks?

A. 14 N

B. 6 N

C. 10 N

D. 4.0 N


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