21) When the MessageBox action executed the macro paused so

Question :   21) When the MessageBox action executed the macro paused so : 2066106


21) When the MessageBox action is executed the macro is paused so the message can be displayed. You need to click ________ in order for the macro to continue.

A) Cancel

B) Continue


D) Go

22) Macros are composed of actions that often contain ________ to determine when and how to perform the action.

A) subactions

B) messages

C) programming languages

D) logic

23) A(n) ________ is a macro that is automatically executed when the database is opened.

A) GoToControl

B) OpenForm

C) AutoExec

D) MessageBox

24) By default the Action Catalog and Add New Action combo box only show actions that execute in nontrusted databases. To see all actions, click Show All Actions in the ________ on the Design tab.

A) Tools group

B) Show/Hide group

C) Views group

D) Field, Record & Table Events group

25) ________ that describe the purpose of a macro or complex program flows are considered best practice but are many times neglected by database programmers.

A) Comments

B) Notes

C) Group

D) Data Actions


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