21. A patient was admitted to the hospital with jaundice

Question :   21. A patient was admitted to the hospital with jaundice : 2086520


21. A patient was admitted to the hospital with jaundice and elevated liver function tests. Upon discharge the physician documents jaundice due to acute hepatitis B.

a. B16.9

b. B16.9, R17

c. R17, R79.89, B16.9

d. B18.1

22. A patient was admitted to the hospital with fever, cough, and low blood pressure. Chest X-ray shows infiltrates, and sputum culture is positive for MRSA. The discharge summary indicates that the patient was admitted and was given IV antibiotics for MRSA pneumonia.

a. Z16.11, J15.212

b. J15.212, Z16.11

c. B95.62, Z16.11

d. J15.212

23. A patient was admitted with a diagnosis of urosepsis. Urine and blood cultures were performed on admittance. Blood cultures came back positive for Escherichia coli. Discharge summary documents sepsis due to Escherichia coli. Urinary tract infection.

a. N39.0, B96.20

b. A41.51, N39.0

c. A41.5, R65.20

d. N39.0, B96.20, R65.20

24. A patient is admitted to the hospital with severe diarrhea. Upon examination the patient is found to be severely dehydrated. She is given IV fluids to correct the hydration. In the assessment the physician suspects gastroenteritis. After stool cultures, it is determined that the patient has Clostridium difficile colitis.

a. K52.9, E86.0, R19.7

b. A04.7, E86.0

c. A04.7, R19.7

d. K52.9, R19.7

25. A patient known to be positive for HIV is admitted to the hospital with high fever, malaise, and cough. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia is suspected and is ruled out. Tests reveal that the patient has infectious mononucleosis.

a. B20, B59

b. B59, B20

c. B27.90, Z21

d. Z21, B27.90


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