176. When Franz Mesmer discovered the phenomenon we now call

Question :   176. When Franz Mesmer discovered the phenomenon we now call : 2098890


176. When Franz Mesmer discovered the phenomenon we now call hypnosis, what explanation did he give?

a. Extrasensory perception

b. Synchrony of action potentials

c. Magnetism generated by his body

d. Power of suggestion

177. Is it possible to hypnotize someone who does not wish to cooperate?

a. Yes, if the hypnotist has a highly dominant personality.

b. Yes, if the participant being hypnotized is mentally defective.

c. Yes, if the hypnotist knows which phrases to repeat.

d. No.

178. What must happen before someone becomes hypnotized?

a. The person must undergo weeks of psychotherapy.

b. The person must notify his or her family physician.

c. The person must enter a state of brain activity similar to non-REM sleep.

d. The person must be willing to be hypnotized.

179. What type of person would probably respond strongly to hypnotism?

a. Someone of below-average intelligence and limited education

b. Someone who reacts to movies as if the events were real

c. Someone who starts the session by resisting and refusing to cooperate

d. Someone who has a family history of insomnia

180. Which of these can hypnosis achieve effectively?

a. To improve the accuracy of memory

b. To reduce pain

c. To give people strength far beyond their normal capacity

d. To alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease


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