16) Which of the following NOT true regarding the Actions

Question :   16) Which of the following NOT true regarding the Actions : 2066105


16) Which of the following is NOT true regarding the Actions group?

A) The same Program Flow information is also provided in the Help window located at the bottom of the Action Catalog when an action is selected.

B) The Actions group contains several different categories of actions.

C) The categories of actions are grouped together based on purpose and function and can be used to build a macro.

D) As you point to each action group and action, Access displays a ScreenTip that explains the general purpose of the object.

17) If the Action Catalog is not visible on the right, you can ________ between showing or hiding it by clicking the Action Catalog button in the Show/Hide group located on the right of the Design tab.

A) drop

B) move

C) toggle

D) drag

18) When the ________ is turned on, the macro executes one action at a time and pauses between actions.

A) toggle feature

B) Single Step feature

C) Macro Designer

D) Program Flow

19) Which of the following is NOT true regarding the Macro Single Step dialog box when testing and troubleshooting macros?

A) Stop All Macros stops all actions in the macro and closes the dialog box.

B) Continue resumes normal operation of the macro and exits the single step process.

C) Pause stops the action shown in the macro.

D) Step executes the action shown in the dialog box.

20) If you receive an Error Number of ________ when stepping through a macro, then it means there is no error detected with a macro action.

A) zero

B) none

C) null

D) one


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