16) Which forecasting method commonly used by going to the

Question :   16) Which forecasting method commonly used by going to the : 2065997


16) Which forecasting method is commonly used by going to the market to get information for new product launches?

A) Delphi method

B) String method

C) Time series forecasting

D) Grassroots forecasting

17) The average rate of change in a time series data is known as ________.

18) Long-term, repetitive patterns in a time series that are often macroeconomic in nature are known as ________.

19) Variation patterns that are repetitive and occur at the same fixed time period are known as ________.

20) The random variation that occurs in any time series is known as the ________ component.

21) The increasing upstream supply chain variation resulting from forecasts in a supply chain or distribution channel is known as ________.



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