16. Suppose a wheel initially rotating at 10.0 rad/s while

Question :   16. Suppose a wheel initially rotating at 10.0 rad/s while : 2102152


16. Suppose a wheel is initially rotating at 10.0 rad/s while undergoing constant angular acceleration reaching a speed of 30.0 rad/s after 20.0 seconds have elapsed. How long after the initial time has the wheel undergone half of the angular displacement that it will have gone through during the entire 20.0 second interval?

A. 10.0 s

B. 12.4 s

C. 14.2 s

D. 15.0 s

17. A ventilation fan has blades 0.25 m in radius rotating at 20 rpm. What is the tangential speed of each blade tip?

A. 0.02 m/s

B. 0.52 m/s

C. 5.0 m/s

D. 20 m/s

18. A 0.30-m-radius automobile tire accelerates from rest at a constant 2.0 rad/s2 over a 5.0-s interval. What is the tangential component of acceleration for a point on the outer edge of the tire during the 5-s interval?

A. 33 m/s2

B. 6.7 m/s2

C. 0.60 m/s2

D. 0.30 m/s2

19. A point on the rim of a 0.30-m-radius rotating wheel has a tangential speed of 4.0 m/s. What is the tangential speed of a point 0.20 m from the center of the same wheel?

A. 1.0 m/s

B. 1.3 m/s

C. 2.7 m/s

D. 8.0 m/s

20. A 0.15-m-radius grinding wheel starts at rest and develops an angular speed of 12.0 rad/s in 4.0 s. What is the average tangential acceleration of a point on the wheel's edge?

A. 0.45 m/s2

B. 6.8 m/s2

C. 28 m/s2

D. 14 m/s2


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