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  16. iTem a retailer that sells a wide range of

Question :   16. iTem a retailer that sells a wide range of : 2115117


16. iTem is a retailer that sells a wide range of merchandise to the public through its website. It is evident that iTem is engaged in _____.

a.e-tailing response retailing selling


17. Blue Legion is a store retailer that sells meat, vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, personal care items, and clothes at a discounted price to its members. It is evident that Blue legion is a _____.

a.specialty store

b.category killer

c.warehouse club

d.department store

18. __________are distribution organizations that facilitate the movement of products from the producer to the consumer.


b.Financial intermediaries


d.Channel intermediaries

19. Gregory works for Ocan Foods, a food supplier. His main responsibility is to make tactical decisions involving the actual movement of goods along his company's supply chain. Gregory is involved in _____.


b.vending selling response retailing

20. Zetovi is a store retailer that sells a complete selection of food products, such as meat, cereals, processed foods, baked goods, and dairy products at a steep discount at a single location. It also offers a wide range of general merchandise, such as cosmetics and clothes almost at the same discount as food products. It is evident that Zetovi is a _____.

a.supermarket store

c.convenience store



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