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11.If a person is experiencing mild anxiety, then a tranquilizer would be an appropriate drug to use in treatment, at least on a temporary basis.

12.If a person is prescribed lithium carbonate, it is most likely that she has been diagnosed as suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

13.Much of the effectiveness of antidepressants appears to be due to the placebo effect.

14. The placebo effect occurs when the success of a treatment is due to the patient’s expectations rather than to the chemical properties of the drug.

15. About half to two-thirds of the patients stop taking antipsychotic or antidepressant drugs, often due to the               unpleasant side effects.

16. Sigmund Freud won a Nobel Prize for inventing the prefrontal lobotomy operation.

17. Prefrontal lobotomy procedures were performed extensively in Europe but were not frequent procedures in                             the United States.

18. Critics of electroconvulsive therapy believe that it is inhumane because ECT is ineffective unless the patient is conscious.

19. Electroconvulsive therapy involves the use of a pulsing magnetic coil held to the depressed person’s skull at the left prefrontal cortex.

20. Freud believed that with insight and emotional release, his patient’s symptoms would disappear.

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