11. Which of the following that form of energy associated

Question :   11. Which of the following that form of energy associated : 2102117


11. Which of the following is that form of energy associated with an object's location in a conservative force field?

A. potential

B. thermal

C. bio-chemical

D. kinetic

12. What is the kinetic energy of a 0.135-kg baseball thrown at 40.0 m/s (90.0 mph)?

A. 54.0 J

B. 87.0 J

C. 108 J

D. 216 J

13. A horizontal force of 200 N is applied to a 55-kg cart across a 10-m level surface. If the cart accelerates at 2.0 m/s2, then what is the work done by the force of friction as it acts to retard the motion of the cart?

A. -1 100 J

B. -900 J

C. -800 J

D. -700 J

14. A golf ball hits a wall and bounces back at 3/4 the original speed. What part of the original kinetic energy of the ball did it lose in the collision?

A. 1/4

B. 3/8

C. 7/16

D. 9/16

15. If both mass and velocity of a ball are tripled, the kinetic energy is increased by a factor of:

A. 3.

B. 6.

C. 9.

D. 27.


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