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Question :   11. The ___________________ provides a wide range of benefits to


11. The ___________________ provides a wide range of benefits to health care professionals, including physicians, but it also has benefits that are available to the health care enterprise in general, such as improved data integrity and quality of care, as well as increased productivity from satisfied health care providers.

12. The early interfaces in imaging informatics were known as point-to-point interfaces because they allowed two systems to ____________________ with each other.

13. The use of ____________________ for data exchange in imaging informatics is a mandatory concept for radiologists and technologists, as well as related personnel working in the imaging department to understand.

14. ____________________ threats fall into three categories: social engineering attacks, hardware attacks, and software attacks.

15. The means of ____________________ include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malicious programs, and denial of service.


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