11) Forecasts based judgment and opinion do not include which

Question :   11) Forecasts based judgment and opinion do not include which : 2065996


11) Forecasts based on judgment and opinion do not include which of the following?

A) Customer surveys

B) Delphi method

C) Averaging techniques

D) Greenfield forecasting

12) Which of the following is not a step in the forecasting process?

A) Identify the purpose for our forecast

B) Determine the time horizon for the forecast

C) Determine feasible capacity levels

D) Select a forecasting technique

13) As per the bullwhip effect, which member of the supply chain will see the largest variation in demand along the supply chain?

A) Consumer

B) Retailer

C) Wholesaler

D) Manufacturer

14) The forecasting method which uses an iterative process in which individuals develop their own forecast and then share them among each other and again revise their forecast until a consensus is reached is

A) delphi method.

B) consumer surveys.

C) time series analysis method.

D) string method.

15) Which of the following forecasting approach is appropriate for new product launches?

A) Greenfield forecasting

B) String method

C) Time series forecasting

D) Linear regression


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