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101.Melcia’s parents were surprised to learn that _______________ is the most likely to be effective in the treatment of their daughter, even though her disorder, autism, has biological origins.

a.psychodynamic therapy intervention therapy

c.cognitive therapy

d.behavior therapy

102._________ psychologists are concerned with the assessment and treatment of people who are physically disabled.





103.  A therapeutic intervention called multisystemic therapy has been successful in reducing teen violence, criminal activity, and drug abuse. The intervention combines which two therapies?

a.cognitive and behavioral

b.cognitive and humanistic systems and behavioral systems and cognitive

104.What does the case of 10-year-old Candace Newmaker, who underwent “rebirthing therapy,” illustrate?

a.the surprising success of rebirthing and other attachment therapies

b.the silliness of some therapeutic techniques

c.the potential for coercive therapists to create new symptoms

d.that the use of empirically unsupported, potentially dangerous techniques can be deadly

105.Therapeutic influence, and sometimes coercion, is believed to be responsible for the huge number of people diagnosed in the 1980s and 1990s with:



c.multiple personality disorder.

d.antisocial personality disorder.

106.Which of following points do the textbook authors make about the value of psychotherapy?

a.Despite its many benefits, psychotherapy cannot transform you into someone you’re not.

b.There is no empirical evidence that psychotherapy is beneficial, unless it is combined with drug therapy.

c.In the hands of an empathic and knowledgeable practitioner, psychotherapy can cure emotional disorders within a couple sessions.

d.All types of online therapy are ineffective.

107.When choosing a self-help book, consumers should:

a.look for authors who are confident enough to assure change.

b.make sure the program it promotes has been empirically tested.

c.make sure that subliminal tapes are included for night-time learning.

d.look for an author who includes many anecdotes showing the success of the program.

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