1) The majority of known nuclei stable. 2) If half of

Question :   1) The majority of known nuclei stable. 2) If half of : 2043774


1) The majority of known nuclei are stable.

2) If half of a radioactive substance decays in the first 10 s, the other half will decay in the next 10 s.

3) The binding energy per nucleon increases steadily with the mass number of the nucleus.

4) In beta-minus decay, the number of protons in a nucleus increases but the number of nucleons does not change.

5) Because neutrons and protons are approximately 1837 times as massive as electrons, the strong force acts on them approximately 1837 times as much as it acts on electrons.

6) If a 20 kg brick is made entirely of radioactive atoms of half-life 5 days, at the end of 5 days this brick will have a mass of 10 kg.

7) In beta-plus decay, a proton in the nucleus is converted to a neutron, a positron, and a neutrino.

8) Stable nuclei have equal numbers of protons and neutrons.



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