Write a 150 word (or more) summary of Case study

Question : Write a 150 word (or more) summary of Case study : 8654

Write a 150 word (or more) summary of Case study of Job Analysis . At the last meeting of managers and supervisors, a major topic of discussion pertained to employee confusion regarding their job duties. Some employees refuse to do any work outside their usual routine, exclaiming, "That's not my job!" This is somewhat understandable since the firm has no written job descriptions. Job duties have been informal understandings, originating since the firm began only a few years ago (when the firm had few employees) and no one had the time or inclination to rectify the situation. As HR manager, you have investigated the various methods and costs of doing a job analysis for the firm. Any job analysis program includes writing a job description for each job in the firm. You have discovered that job descriptions have many uses, including: recruitment, interviewing, orientation, training, job evaluation, wage compensation survey, performance appraisal, and outplacement. Although there are no dangerous jobs in your operation, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requirements state that a firm must specify "elements of the job that endanger health, or are to be considered unsatisfactory or distasteful to the majority of the population." Providing a job description to employees is a good defense against possible legal actions. Since you do not have the personnel or in-house expertise to do the work, you have received bids from various firms to do the work. Proposals below are from the best-qualified and most reasonably priced firm you could locate. Make one selection from the following options; the one-time cost will automatically be charged against your budget. 1) Do a job analysis of all jobs in the firm, including managerial. (Cost: $20,000) 2) Do a job analysis of the jobs in the production/operations department. (Cost: $15,000) 3) Break down the jobs in the production/operations department into general of job categories and do a job analysis for each category. Although not an entirely satisfactory solution to the problem, this would be a stopgap measure and provide some guidance for supervisors in operations. (Cost: $10,000) 4) Hire a consultant to begin work on a plan to do the job analysis in-house, and to instruct your staff on procedures. You would not expect to start on the actual analysis for six months. (Cost: $5,000) 5) Since the plant is operating satisfactorily with informal, non-written job descriptions, and some supervisors like the flexibility of not having job descriptions in writing, you decide there are more pressing uses for your budget and put the project on hold for the present time.

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