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Jimmy Wales founded Wikipedia, a user-generated online encyclopedia that has 42 times as many articles as Encyclopedia Britannica and is viewed 7 billion times every month.  (A 2005 study of Wikipedia found that the typical Wikipedia article contained only slightly more errors than a similar article from the Britannica.) It is a nonprofit operation. Wales decided at Wikipedia's inception that user devotion to the web-site could be harnessed later to make Wikipedia-like products for profit.  Three years ago, Wales co-founded a freely-hosted, ad-supported community hosting service called Wikia. Wales used Wikipedia's most dependable volunteer contributors to build the site, which does have advertising and promotion.  The site had to draw only a small fraction of Wikipedia's more than 160 million monthly unique visitors to make a substantial profit. Within two years of its creation, Wikia was attracting more traffic daily than the web-site for the Los Angeles Times.


142.Refer to Wikipedia. The $12 million Wales raised to fund Wikia, plus the expertise of Wikipedia’s contributors, are examples of _____ used to create and sustain its competitive advantage.

a.grand strategies

b.distinctive competencies

c.competitive advantages


e.strategic stances

143.Refer to Wikipedia. According to the SWOT analysis, the willingness of contributors and editors to ensure that the information provided in Wikipedia and Wikia is accurate and thorough is a _____ for the company.






144.Refer to Wikipedia. What kind of strategy is Wales using with the development of Wikia?

a.risk-seeking strategy

b.pioneering strategy

c.first-mover strategy

d.risk-avoiding strategy

e.frontal attack strategy

145.Refer to Wikipedia. The _____ as defined by CEO Jimmy Wales is to provide readily available and useful information to everyone with computer-access by relying on the knowledge of contributors who are experts in their fields.

a.firm-level strategy

b.corporate-level strategy

c.industry-level strategy

d.portfolio strategy

e.acquisition strategy

146.Refer to Wikipedia. What kind of portfolio strategy did Wales use when he decided to create Wikia, the freely hosted, ad-supported community hosting service?

a.related differentiation

b.unrelated diversification integrated acquisition

d.competency acquisition

e.related diversification

147.Refer to Wikipedia. According to Michael Porter, which industry force is described by the following statement? “Wikipedia boasts 5.3 million articles, while Britannica, even including its online versions, has only 120,000 articles.”

a.existence of benchmarking

b.existing complementary products

c.bargaining power of suppliers

d.threat of substitute products

e.bargaining power of buyers

148.Refer to Wikipedia. The only public acknowledgements that Encyclopedia Britannica has made of Wikipedia have been responses to criticisms, such as the study examining the accuracy of information and Britannica’s creation of a much smaller online encyclopedia.  Which of the following best describes Britannica’s adaptive strategy?






149.Refer to Wikipedia. Wales’s decision to branch out of Wikipedia into the for-profit Wikia is an example of____. unrelated acquisition

b.a defender of strategy


d.oligopolistic competition

e.monopolistic competition



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