Which of these items is not typically considered and addressed by a DMC in the proposal stage

Question : Which of these items is not typically considered and addressed by a DMC in the proposal stage : 2162234

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) A DMC does not require ________.

A) Extensive preparation

B) Extensive research

C) Extensive corporations

D) Extensive capital

2) DMC management companies are hired by meeting planners to ________ important corporate and association gatherings.

A) Provide experience and resources

B) Provide local knowledge and expertise

C) Suggest destinations

D) A and B

3) Which of these items is not typically considered and addressed by a DMC in the proposal stage?

A) Research and development

B) Competition

C) Length of meeting

D) Budgets

4) A professional management company specializing in the design and delivery of events, activities, tours, staffing, and transportation that utilizes extensive local knowledge, expertise, and resources is called a:

A) Staffing service

B) Meeting planner

C) Convention Center and Visitors Bureau

D) Destination Management Company

5) Which of the following is not a service that a DMC offers?

A) Sightseeing tours

B) Transportation

C) Actual sleeping rooms

D) Entertainment

6) National sales meetings, training meetings, product introductions, and dealer/customer meetings are all examples of what type of meeting?

A) Incentive programs

B) Corporate meetings

C) Special events

D) Conventions and conferences

7) Which of the following is not a segment of the DMC Signature Events?

A) Incentive European

B) Pharmaceutical and corporate

C) Associate

D) All of the above are segments of the DMC.

8) DMCs do not serve:

A) Organizations whose employees are participating in a particular program

B) Tour groups with random participants

C) Land tours for a cruise ship company

D) All of the above

9) Field staff includes all but which of the following?

A) Concierge

B) Airport "meet and greet" staff

C) Tour guide

D) Hospitality desk staff

10) PCO stands for:

A) Providers Convention Organizers

B) Professional Customer Organization

C) Product Convention Organizers

D) Professional Congress Organizers

11) A DMC's suppliers:

A) Determine the off-property logistics for all of the events

B) Provide a portfolio of services directly to the client

C) Are partners in delivering the final program content

D) None of the above

12) The basic steps in the business process before a DMC is hired include all but which of the following?

A) Contacting potential clients through direct electronic communication

B) Developing a proposal based on the potential client's guidelines

C) Making a presentation

D) All of the above

13) Which of the following is a service that a DMC offers?

A) Budgeting and resource management

B) Actual hotel rooms

C) Financial support

D) All of these are offered by a DMC

14) An RFP is a:

A) Request For Production

B) Request For Proposition

C) Request for Approval

D) Request For Proposal

15) A(n) ________ is organized to recognize and reward employees who have reached or exceeded company targets.

A) Site inspection

B) Incentive based event

C) Reward meeting


16) Which of the following was a term originally used for DMC's?

A) meet and greet

B) ground operators



17) Which of the following is not a sample corporate program that a DMC would work on?

A) Training Meetings

B) National Sales Meeting

C) Product Introductions

D) They are all sample corporate programs.

18) ADMEI stands for:

A) Association of DMO Events

B) American Destination Meeting Events

C) Association of Destination Management Executives

D) None of the above

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

19) DMC stands for Destination Management Conference.

20) DMO stands for Destination Marketing Organization.

21) A DMO and a DMC are basically the same.

22) DMCs must be legally insured for business liability as well as workers' compensation and automobile insurance.

23) The first stage of the sales process of DMC's is to discover new business opportunities and pursue those leads.

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