Which of these areas do entrepreneurs need to monitor to limit their chance of failure

Question : Which of these areas do entrepreneurs need to monitor to limit their chance of failure : 2141745


Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

92) Which of these areas do entrepreneurs need to monitor to limit their chance of failure?

A) Cash flows and expenses

B) Customer satisfaction

C) All of these areas should be monitored

D) Employee workloads

93) Jerry has decided to sell his rapidly growing business to his oldest employee so he can retire and enjoy life in Florida. Jerry's decision is ________.

A) an exit option

B) a poor one given the firm's growth

C) likely to fail

D) a liquidation decision

94) When Michele had only three employees, she performed most of the records-keeping tasks herself and kept a general idea of finances in her head. Now that her business has expanded, she is having money problems. What should Michele do?

A) Relinquish some of her other duties so she can focus on the money end of the business.

B) Create and follow a set of financial controls.

C) Reach out to the local business development organization for assistance.

D) Take a course in financial accounting at the local college.

95) Which of these methods is commonly used as a valuation technique to determine a fair price for a firm?

A) Using a multiple of earnings from comparable businesses

B) Compute the total value of invested funds

C) Two times revenue rule of thumb

D) Cash cow valuation technique

96) Ned has built his entrepreneurial venture into a successful business. Part of his original plan was to build the business then sell it to another company that could take it to the next level of success. In other words, Ned intends to ________ his business.

A) co-opt

B) harvest

C) reap

D) relinquish

97) Nadine is ready to retire after many years building her business. Another entrepreneur has indicated an interest in buying it so Nadine must set a selling price. Which one of the methods below should she use?

A) The sum of all taxable incomes for all the years she was in business.

B) The amount of retirement savings Nadine needs.

C) The selling price of a similarly situated business.

D) The sum of all assets currently on the balance sheet less all liabilities (outstanding debt).

TRUE/FALSE. Write 'T' if the statement is true and 'F' if the statement is false.

98) Finding people to support growth is an important issue for entrepreneurs.

99) Although important at every stage of the business life cycle, controls are especially important during periods of growth.

100) When the entrepreneur is ready to exit the business, (s)he should personally determine the business value.

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